“Event Wifi that scales…”

To say WiFi is everywhere would be an understatement. Without it, you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now.

It’s needless to say that it’s vital for your business too. So why are your events any different?

As event specialists, we value the importance of WiFi at your event. Which is why we supply distributed WiFi that utilises multiple 4G super speed networks, giving internet access no matter where your event takes place – a conference centre, a hotel, or even in the middle of a field.

Whether you need it as part of your event, or if you simply want to provide your audience with a service they’ll desire, we have a WiFi solution for you. After all, how can attendees update their statuses, blogs and tweet about your incredible event if they’re stuck with the dreaded ‘E’ symbol on their phones and tablets?

Our event WiFi solutions range from multiple WiFi access points – ensuring every corner of your event site is services – to localised connectivity just for staff. Our packages also include payment gateway options for those who wish to charge attendees for WiFi use.

How does it work?

Our bespoke WiFi systems utilise the existing mobile data networks – the ones we all use day-to-day. Once initiated, the system locks onto a base station to establish a stable internet connection. And because we work with multiple concurrent providers instead of just one like traditional WiFi solutions, we can generate great speeds even in the most remote of locations.

All you and your event attendees need to do is select the wireless network and enter details on the splash page; Storm will manage the technical side of things.

Talk to our experts today to discuss providing WiFi at your event to keep you and your attendees connected. Trust us, they will thank you for it.

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