This last weekend, the Peterborough contingent of the team at Storm Events were proud to take part in the local ‘Parkrun’ initiative which for the team was held at Ferry Meadows, Peterborough. Parkruns are free, weekly community events all around the world, holding a 5K route for runners, joggers or walkers to attend on a weekly basis, every Saturday morning. Parkrun is a positive, welcoming and inclusive experience where there is no time limit and no one finishes last.

Over the Christmas period, Wendy Perkins from Storm’s accounts team, a keen running enthusiast herself, challenged the rest of the company to be a bit more active in the year ahead. What started out as just a challenge inspired Storm’s Director Dave Aucterlonie to get into action and motivate the team to swap the safety boots for the running shoes.

“I felt I wanted to be personally more physically active, and I thought the only way I’m going to do it is to get my team to do it with me too, so taking on Wendy’s challenge, Storm Active was born!”

Sadly, the event production lifestyle doesn’t always lend itself to being healthy. The long hours, stressful demands, constant supply of bacon butties, lattes and other such less-healthy foods can put demands on personal health. Working hard, physically and mentally to deliver complex technical event solutions, including staging and scenic pieces, the Storm staff need to be at the top of their game.

In the year prior to Storm Active’s inception, Martin Stansfield, Storm’s senior sound engineer had wanted to become more physically active been regularly attending the Parkrun in Peterborough’s Nene Park, and had seen the benefits.

“Being more active has transformed my life, I feel great! Whilst I was physical in my work, moving sound gear around from event to event, setting up speakers for festivals & conferences alike, I really felt I wanted to be more actively healthy. And the Parkruns are brilliant; I’ve been attending for the last year and have really got into jogging so was pleased to have the team join me too.”

The first goal would be a just getting outside at start moving, then 5K group run and then onto larger distances too in the future. Whilst team members had practiced individually, Saturday’s Parkrun was the first time the team had come together to participate as a group.

It hasn’t solely been about being more physically active but developing more healthy eating habits too. Working on-site has been trickier with event catering not always being as healthy as it could be. The temptation of breakfast rolls, pastries and “conference crew lasagne” usually not far reach. But with perseverance; swapping the pecan plait for a piece of fruit, the latte for bottle of water, resisting the fast-food ‘drive-thru’ in the van on the way home, and maybe the occasional treat, the crew would already be in a better position. The benefits to having a healthier lifestyle are well documented everywhere for both physical and also “metal fitness” too, but the team had all remarked on how it made them feel more alert, agile and better about themselves too.

The next event is a 10k booked for April, and Storm are intending to make a charity donation based on the number of training hours, as an extra sense of achievement and motivation.
Wendy commented:

“I’m so pleased with the team, they’ve gone from not really doing anything to doing a 5K in under 3 months, whilst doing the daily job too! As a team since Christmas, we’ve clocked up nearly 200 hours of active hours. Now we’ve done the first Parkrun it has given everyone the motivation to keep at it.”

Dave was immensely pleased with the team’s efforts:

“I’m so proud of the team here at Storm and this is another indication of the commitment to our health and mental wellbeing and our delivery to clients. Team Storm are a force to behold and in these troubling times this is a great way to stay focussed and keep the momentum going. I am particularly impressed with the number of hours we have achieved and therefore, the donations we will make to charity. It is this commitment that always shines through when we are delivering our events, we are relentless, we never stop ‘till the task is completed in the best possible Storm way”