Spotlight on Video lighting


Lighting is as important as any other cog in the video production engine. As well as event lighting in all shapes, sizes and colours, Storm have a diverse range of lighting fixtures used specifically for video production. Storm stock a series of dimmable Arri lamps, Redhead and Dedolights in the Halogen range, perfect for illuminating backgrounds (white, green-screen or ‘natural’) or subjects. Whilst a large quantity of intelligent Gekko LED panel lamps are ideal for any interview situation. With changeable colour temperature this makes these lamps perfect for shooting indoors or out. Having the option to run off mains or battery power gives full flexibility, and the lamps run cool so there’s no chance of a nasty burn!

Storm regularly use all their video lamps for generic filming, ‘vox pops’ & interviews for any style of production whether awards, casual or corporate, and they’re also used with colour gel and gobo patterns for more creatively lit backdrop for shoots. Contact the Storm video department to find out more about how we can illuminate your video.

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