Keeping audience engagement becomes ever more paramount of late, with event hosts urging delegates to switch phones and tablets to silent to avoid distractions, that temptation remains ever present. It has been proven that further engagement lies with allowing the audience directly interact with the event. When the phrase “audience participation” is voiced there is a probably a large proportion of audience members that sink lower in their seats and look for reasons to be less engaged with the event; but what if there was a way to enable the audience to be engaged anonymously, and maybe even have an effect on the content of the event?

Storm Events supply a couple of interactive solutions for events. Presently, Storm have a large stock of numeric handheld voting pads which can be handed to every delegate at an event. When presented with a question on-screen it allows, within a timeframe, everyone to cast their vote showing live results on-screen. This is a superb method to poll the audience for their thoughts on a subject, and possibly discuss the outcome. Recently Storm were called to provide this system for an event around the Brexit Campaign – the hosts polled the audience anonymously before, during and after the discussions about their opinions on the national decision whether to leave the EU.


However, in the last month Storm have expanded their voting systems capabilities by introducing a tablet based version of the handheld clickers. These more technically advanced variations run on twenty Samsung Galaxy tablets which are supplied to site in their own unique charging travel case.

Running software from the control position, any question asked by the presenter is distributed to all the tablets flashing up upon the screen. The polls are open, and delegates can vote in the same way as before; their votes appearing live in the event.

Both voting systems are available for rental as part of an event, or standalone hire.

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