With the New Year off to a good start, it is time to reinvest in more kit for the company. The Sound department at Storm Events have purchased a range of D&B Audiotechnik B6 subwoofers and a top of the T10 system, and speakers from the E-series also.

The new high performance subwoofers are exemplary in direction control of lower frequencies allowing more of the sound to travel forward as opposed to radiating towards the rear of the speaker. Being of marine-grade plywood construction with a Polyurea finish makes the unit weatherproof for use on some of our outdoor events planned for later this year – and one can never trust the British weather!

With the growing demand on the company for more events in the year more of the T10 speaker units have been purchased for both stand mount and flown/truss rigged scenarios. The T10 could be identified as Storm’s standard speaker as its versatility and clarity fully meets the company’s and their clients’ requirements. The smaller E5/E8 prove perfect for smaller or more discrete applications and are regularly used where a larger T10 setup would appear too much. These smaller cabinets are used in small seminars, webcasts and even up to medium sized rooms.

All of Storms D&B speaker range are listed on the company website and are also available for rental.