Everybody is watching their bottom-line with any event or gathering, whether it’s a townhall, conference or a large meeting there will be a cost associated. Storm’s webcasting and “virtual event” streaming services brings great savings, whilst maximising the potential of your event or conference. Plus, imagine if you could reach a wider audience too.

Industry leaders in webcasting corporate events

Storm are industry leaders in webcasting events, and these recent global challenges have made our services ever more present. Offering an unparalleled package that retains your all content such as keynote speakers, Q&A, presentations, can be done from single or multi-location. Then your audience can connect simply through a managed portal, such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, Skype, video conferencing etc.
We will take care of all technical elements, seamlessly transmitting your message, re-connecting with your audience. We have dedicated Zoom management studio in our headquarters and have already built and managing a temporary studio for one of our clients during the Coronavirus outbreak. Storm’s in-house team of webcast streaming specialists, plus a crew of lighting, sound and filming professionals make us a frontrunner in “virtualising” events. There are not many companies that can boast this with such practised finesse.
How does it save money? Engaging with a service such as the ones that Storm offers may look like another expense, but conversely it will save thousands of pounds in corporate expenditure in train air and travel fares, venue hire costs, catering & refreshments, and so on.

It is not only the pounds and pennies, whats-more, the environmental impact of such a scheme will make dramatic effect. With phrase “sustainability” on the tip of any corporate tongue, the carbon-footprint reduction will be intensely enviable; all adding towards the carbon-neutral commitment goals of the country.

Whether it’s a meeting between a few colleagues, or a company-wide conference, Storm’s virtual event streaming capabilities will effortlessly bring your audiences together and ultimately what we’re offering is greener, totally cost proficient.