“Expert engineers around the country…”

Over the years, Storm have heavily invested in quality AV equipment, so we can meet your every requirement. No matter how challenging.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a truly unique, impressive end product for every client, big or not-so-big. Because, to us, there’s no such thing as a ‘small’ business.

So whether it’s a simple projector you need or an entire venue AV installation, Storm can deliver.


Our top-of-the-range AV equipment is available for hire. If you have a skilled operator but no tools to deliver, that’s where we come in.

Storm equipment can be supplied on a wet or dry-hire basis, allowing you to collect from and return to our East Midlands warehouse. If you’re further afield, we can also deliver the equipment you need to your door or direct to your event.

Our AV equipment is extremely well-maintained by our knowledgeable team. In fact, we take great pride in it, so we can ensure it’s always in a ready-to-hire state, allowing us to meet tight deadlines. All equipment is also fully tested in-house prior to rental, so you can be sure it meets safety regulations.

Please see our current price list below:

Audio Hire and Rental Equipment£ Day£ Week
Yamaha - QL5 Digital Mixing desk£175.00£525.00
Yamaha - QL1 Digital Mixing desk£110.00£330.00
Yamaha - TF1 Digital Mixing desk£75.00£225.00
Yamaha - Smaller analogue mixing desk£25.00£75.00
Yamaha RIO 3216 Dante Interface£90.00£270.00
Yamaha RIO 1608 Dante Interface£50.00£150.00
Yamaha RIN 8 in Dante Interface£30.00£90.00
Yamaha RO 8 out Dante Interface£30.00£90.00
Midas Pro 1 Digital Mixing Desk£175.00£525.00
Midas DL251 Digital Stage-box for pro series£90.00£270.00
D&B Y12 - Line Array Speaker cabinet£45.00£135.00
D&B Y8 - Line Array Speaker cabinet£45.00£135.00
D&B Y7p - Point Source Speaker cabinet£40.00£120.00
D&B Ysub - Line Array Speaker cabinet£40.00£120.00
D&B T10 Ð Line Array/Point Source Speaker cabinet£35.00£105.00
D&B Tsub Ð Sub Bass unit£30.00£90.00
D&B E5 Ð Compact loudspeaker£15.00£45.00
D&B E6 Ð Compact loudspeaker£20.00£60.00
D&B E8 Ð Compact loudspeaker£25.00£75.00
D&B Max 12 Ð Wedge monitor£20.00£60.00
D&B D6 Amplified controller£30.00£90.00
D&B D20 Amplified controller£75.00£225.00
D&B D80 Amplified controller£90.00£270.00
K&M Speaker Stand£4.00£12.00
K&M Wind-up speaker stand£10.00£30.00
K&M M20 Wind-up speaker pole£10.00£30.00
K&M Round-base mic stand£3.00£9.00
K&M Standard boom mic stand£3.00£9.00
K&M Short boom mic stand£3.00£9.00
Sonifex HY03 TBU system£35.00£105.00
Glensound 3g TBU system c/w 1hour sim card Ð GS MP1004£55.00£165.00
MOTU 828 Firewire soundcard£30.00£90.00
Marantz Solid state recorder£40.00£120.00
Sennheiser EM300 G3 8-way complete system (beltpack or handheld)£320.00£960.00
Sennheiser EM300 G3 6-way complete system (beltpack or handheld)£240.00£720.00
Sennheiser EM300 G3 4-way complete system (beltpack or handheld)£160.00£480.00
Sennheiser EM300 G3 2-way complete system (beltpack or handheld)£80.00£240.00
Sennheiser EM300 G 1-way complete system (beltpack or handheld)£40.00£120.00
Sennheiser EM300 G3 IEM in ear monitor system£40.00£120.00
Audio Technical AT871 plate microphone£15.00£45.00
DPA 4066 D-vote microphone kit£15.00£45.00
DPA 4099 D-vote microphone kit£15.00£45.00
Neuman KMS105 microphone£15.00£45.00
Shure MX412 Gooseneck kit (4-way)£60.00£180.00
Shure SM58 microphone£6.00£18.00
Shure SM57 microphone£4.00£12.00
Shure Beta 52 microphone£4.00£12.00
Shure Beta 57 microphone£7.00£21.00
Shure Beta 58 microphone£7.00£21.00
Shure Beta 91 microhpone£7.00£21.00
SE Electronics SE4 Condenser microphone£9.00£27.00
Sennheiser ME66 shotgun microphone c/w softie£20.00£60.00
Sennheiser E904 Dynamic instrument mic£7.00£21.00
Radial DI Box£6.00£18.00
Radial J-DI Box£8.00£24.00
Radial Stereo DI box£10.00£30.00
ASL 4 way Comms kit£30.00£90.00
ASL 6 way Comms kit£45.00£135.00
ASL 8 Way Comms kit£60.00£180.00
Motorola 6-way GP340 kit£60.00£180.00
AV & Projection Hire and Rental Equipment£ Day£ Week
Samsung 32inch LED Display - LFD - DM32D£50.00£150.00
Samsung 40inch LED Display - LFD - DM40D£100.00£300.00
Samsung 48inch LED Display - LFD - DM48D£150.00£450.00
Samsung 55inch LED Display - LFD - DM55D£200.00£600.00
Samsung 65inch LED Display - LFD - DM65D£250.00£750.00
Samsung 75inch LED Display - LFD - DM75D£400.00£1,200.00
Unicol VS1000 Stand£10.00£30.00
Unicol Parabella Stand£30.00£90.00
Unicol Equipment Shelf£5.00£15.00
Christie LX1200 - 12000 lumen XGA Projector£700.00£2,100.00
Christie lens options for above£50.00£150.00
Panasonic PT-DZ870 8000 lumen WUXGA Projector£700.00£2,100.00
Panasonic PT-EZ770 7000 lumen WUXGA Projector£500.00£1,500.00
Panasonic PT-D5000 5000 lumen XGA projector£300.00£900.00
Panasonic lens options for above£50.00£150.00
Panasonic 3000 lumen desktop projector£75.00£225.00
Analog Way - Quick-VU HD seamless graphics switcher£180.00£540.00
Analog Way - Pulse-2 HD seamless graphics switcher£240.00£720.00
Analog Way - Saphyr HD seamless graphics switcher£300.00£900.00
Kramer VP729 scaler/switcher£60.00£180.00
Roland VR50HD - HD seamless AV mixer£200.00£600.00
Kramer - VM4-HDCPXL£200.00£600.00
Lightware DVI TPS - RX95£20.00£60.00
Lightware DVI TPS - TX95£20.00£60.00
Laptop - Dual Dell Lattitude c/w office 2013£150.00£450.00
Laptop - HP Elitebook c/w office 2013£65.00£195.00
Apple Macbook Pro i5 SSD£75.00£225.00
HHB Universal disc player£25.00£75.00
Hive I2 Ð Micro Cue System£15.00£45.00
Hire I2 Ð Countdown Timer Basestation£25.00£75.00
Hive I2 - Countdown Timer Display - Standard£15.00£45.00
Hive I2 - Countdown Timer Display - Large£25.00£75.00
Hire I2 Ð Worklight£10.00£30.00
Hive I2 Ð Traffic Light System£15.00£45.00
12 x 9 Fastfold screen kit£50.00£150.00
10 x 7 Fastfold screen kit£40.00£120.00
8 x 6 Fastfold screen kit£30.00£90.00
6 x 4 Fastfold screen kit£20.00£60.00
Tandberg MXP6000 VC Video conference codec£210.00£630.00
Cisco C40 VC Video conference codec - HD£360.00£1,080.00
Filming, Video & Broadcast Hire and Rental Equipment£ Day£ Week
Sony PMW400 Xdcam Broadcast camera£250.00£750.00
Sony PMW300 Xdcam Broadcast camera£175.00£525.00
Canon lens options for above£80.00£240.00
Panasonic AF101 Sdof kit£150.00£450.00
JVC GY-HM750 HD kit£125.00£375.00
Datavideo dual PTZ remote head camera kit£250.00£750.00
Camera and location audio recording kit£60.00£180.00
Vinten Vision 10AS tripod£35.00£105.00
Vinten Vision 8AS tripod£35.00£105.00
Manfrotto 504 HDV tripod£20.00£60.00
Blackmagic Design Ð ATEM 1 Production switcher£90.00£270.00
Blackmagic Design Ð ATEM Television studio£60.00£180.00
Blackmagic Design Ð ATEM remote control surface£120.00£360.00
Blackmagic Design Ð Ultrastudio 4K£45.00£135.00
Blackmagic Design Ð Hyperdeck c/w 2 x 128GB SSD£45.00£135.00
Blackmagic Design Ð Smartview Duo£40.00£120.00
Blackmagic Design Ð Smartview HD£50.00£150.00
Blackmagic Design Ð Macbook c/w encoding software£125.00£375.00
Grass-valley indigo vision mixer c/w SDI & CV inputs£150.00£450.00
HP Onsite Encoding kit c/w AVDV100 interface£90.00£270.00
JVC 24inch broadcast reference TFT Ð Full HD-SDI/DVI£45.00£135.00
Arri 1200w HMI Fresnel c/w ballast£75.00£225.00
Arri 650w Fresnel£15.00£45.00
Arri 300w Fresnel£10.00£30.00
4-head dedolight kit£75.00£225.00
Gekko LED Softlight£75.00£225.00
Stage Lighting Hire and Rental Equipment£ Day£ Week
ETC Source-4 Profile Ð 750w Ð 50 degree£15.00£45.00
ETC Source-4 Profile Ð 750w Ð 26 degree£15.00£45.00
ETC Source-4 Profile Ð 750w Ð 19 degree£15.00£45.00
ETC Source-4 Profile Ð 750w Ð 15 to 30 degree zoom£20.00£60.00
ETC Source-4 Parnel Ð 750w Ð 15 to 30 degree zoom£15.00£45.00
ETC Source-4 Fresnel Ð 750w£12.00£36.00
ETC Source-4 Junior Zoom Ð 575w£12.00£36.00
Chauvet Ovation 95w LED Fresnel£35.00£105.00
Chroma-Q DB4 mk11 LED fixture£18.00£54.00
Chroma-Q DB4 30way PSU£60.00£180.00
Chroma-Q DB4 5way PSU£10.00£30.00
Chauvet Colourdash Hex-8 Batten£30.00£90.00
Chauvet Colourdash Hex-7 Par£20.00£60.00
Chauvet Colourdash Quad-7 Par£20.00£60.00
Chauvet Colorado Quad zoom tour 2 - IP£45.00£135.00
Chauvet Epix 2.0 Strip£15.00£45.00
Chauvet Epix 2.0 Bar£30.00£90.00
Chauvet Epix 2.0 Drive£40.00£120.00
Chauvet Legend 412 RGBW£45.00£135.00
Chauvet Legend 412 VW£45.00£135.00
Chauvet Legend 230 SR£75.00£225.00
Chauvet Q-Spot 460£55.00£165.00
Chauvet Q-Wash 419z£65.00£195.00
Chauvet WELL-2 6-way wireless LED kit£180.00£540.00
Chauvet WELL-Flex 6-way wireless LED kit£210.00£630.00
Chauvet Sparklite 6m x 4m RGB LED Starcloth£90.00£270.00
Zero 88 Ð 6ch Dimmer-rack£20.00£60.00
Zero 88 Ð 12ch Dimmer-rack£50.00£150.00
Avolites Powercube - Dimmer, mains distro£110.00£330.00
Chamsys Magic-Q PCwing control system£75.00£225.00
Chamsys Magic-Q MQ40 control system£190.00£570.00
Chamsys Magic-Q MQ100 Pro 2014 control system£250.00£750.00
Chamsys Snakesys S6 DMX/Ethernet interface£20.00£60.00
Prolyte H40R Truss - per meter£15.00£45.00
Prolyte H30V Truss - per meter£12.50£37.50
Prolyte H30D Truss - per meter£10.00£30.00
VMB TE071 Super-lift stands (5.35m, 225kg)£50.00£150.00
VMB TE076 Super-lift stands (6.35m, 225kg)£75.00£225.00
VMB TE086 Super-lift stands (6.35m, 300kg)£100.00£300.00
Manfrotto Wind-Up stands£20.00£60.00
Manfrotto Push-Up stands£10.00£30.00
250Kgs Chain hoist Ð 12m drop£20.00£60.00
500Kgs Chain hoist Ð 12m drop£30.00£90.00
Zargees Ð 12 Rung Skymaster£24.00£72.00
Zargees Ð 10 Rung Skymaster£20.00£60.00
Zargees Ð 09 Rung Skymaster£18.00£54.00
Zargees Ð 08 Rung Skymaster£16.00£48.00
Zargees Ð 07 Rung Skymaster£14.00£42.00
Zargees Ð 06 Rung Skymaster£12.00£36.00
Rubber box distro Ð large£30.00£90.00
Rubber box distro Ð medium£20.00£60.00
Rubber box distro Ð small£10.00£30.00
Set & Staging Hire and Rental Equipment£ Day£ Week
Chauvet Sparklite 6m x 4m RGB LED Starcloth£90.00£270.00
Revostage 2m x 1m deck£25.00£75.00
Revostage 1m x 1m deck£15.00£45.00
Revostage 2m x 1m riser Ð 200mm£10.00£30.00
Revostage 2m x 1m riser Ð 300mm£10.00£30.00
Revostage 2m x 1m riser Ð 600mm£10.00£30.00
Revostage 1m x 1m riser Ð 300mm£10.00£30.00
Litedeck Ð 8ft x 4ft section£25.00£75.00
Litedeck Ð 8ft x 2ft section£20.00£60.00
Litedeck Ð 6ft x 4ft section£20.00£60.00
Litedeck Ð 6ft x 2ft section£15.00£60.00
Litedeck Ð 4ft x 4ft section£15.00£45.00
Litedeck Ð 4ft x 2ft section£10.00£30.00
Litedeck - 2ft quadrant (curve)£30.00£30.00
Litedeck Ð 4ft quadrant (curve)£30.00£90.00
Litedeck Ð 6ft quadrant (curve)£40.00£120.00
Curved Trilite Lectern£45.00£75.00
Perspex Lectern£90.00£210.00
2100mm x 1000mm set panel£17.50£52.50
2400mm x 1000mm set panel£20.00£60.00
2700mm x 1000mm set panel£22.50£67.50
3000mm x 1000mm set panel£25.00£75.00
3300mm x 1000mm set panel£27.50£82.50
3600mm x 1000mm set panel£30.00£90.00
3900mm x 1000mm set panel£32.50£97.50
2400mm x 300mm set panel£12.50£37.50
2700mm x 300mm set panel£15.00£45.00
3000mm x 300mm set panel£17.50£52.50
3300mm x 300mm set panel£20.00£60.00
3600mm x 300mm set panel£22.50£67.50
3900mm x 300mm set panel£25.00£75.00
4200mm x 300mm set panel£27.50£82.50
2200 x 1100 Control Surround Ð black£20.00£60.00
1100 x 1100 control Surround Ð black£10.00£30.00
Stage weight£2.00£6.00
Audience Response Hire and Rental Equipment£ Day£ Week
IML Click audience response HandsetPOAPOA
IML Click Laptop with control software and donglePOAPOA
Question ProgrammingPOAPOA


If you require a full-scale installation for your event, give us a call. Our expert engineers are on hand to provide almost any set-up, wherever it is.

Recent installations have been in studio spaces, shopping centres and conference suites across the country, but our expertise spans much further than that. Some have been as simple as installing office projectors, while other AV installations have been full venue set-ups.

We have even built and installed full shops in Brent Cross, Bluewater Shopping Centre, and H&M Oxford Street for Ariella Contour, which included AV and lighting for an aesthetic clothing display.

So you can be rest assured that Storm are experts in AV installations.

Contact Storm Today