“Up to 500 voters…”

Audience interactivity makes a huge impact in conferences and seminars. Not only does it set you out from your competition, it shows your delegates that you care about their thoughts and opinions. Which, in turn, will benefit everyone involved; your business will get better insight, and your attendees will feel valued. Win-win.

Getting your audience involved gives you instant, vital feedback. But incorporating this smoothly into your event can be difficult, and collecting usable data from it even harder.

That’s where Storm comes in.

The Storm Audience Response system runs within Microsoft Powerpoint, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate it within your presentation. No complicated systems. No pausing your presentation to hand out questionnaires every few minutes.

Storm can provide up to 500 Lumi Click handsets which will allow users to vote and will track their responses. Once this live data is captured, this can be presented in graphs, charts and illustrations – whatever you require. All delivered instantly, meaning you can incorporate the results into your session. Or save them for later, if you would prefer.

These handheld voting pads and their software have proven to be incredibly versatile for our clients. It’s not easy to find a simple, effective way to collect feedback, but we have. And the anonymous voting option also means that you’re liking to gain more accurate data from honest feedback.

Applications of audience response:

  • Surveys

  • Data collection

  • Voting

  • Quizzes

  • Market research

  • Training & education

  • Anonymous polling

  • Gauging audience understanding

Advantages of technology:

  • Display live results

  • Multiple question types

  • Display data how you want it

  • Compare results

  • Quiz scoring and scoreboards

  • User registration and tracking

  • Create unique reports

  • Increased audience interactivity

As you can see, there are a wide range of options for how you can collect this data, and what you can do with it. So you’re sure to find an option which suits both your business and your event.

To discuss our Audience Response system and find out how it can benefit your event, get in touch.

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