Storm were recently called in to provide a complete technical package for a financial conference in Cheshire. It was an opportunity for the senior leadership delegates to spend some focused time out of their everyday workplace to discuss their current issues.

Storm supplied set, stage, room and stage lighting, audio and their interactive audience voting system. Audience interactivity really makes the difference in engagement, aids attentiveness and helps with the retention of key messages. It also gives delegates the satisfaction that they were giving an honest contribution to the speaker’s presentation.

All 200 delegates were handed Storm’s small, remote-control shaped device which collated their answers in real-time and displayed them on the main screen. The speaker was able to use the live results to gain an understanding of the views of the senior management team. Some results were mixed, some gave surprising results and some expected – but all created good talking points for the sessions.

Two main question types were used; multiple choice and numeric rating. After the 10 second allowance to gather votes the results instantaneously displayed as bar and line graphs on the screen. Results can also be collated anonymously, or a delegate’s details can be assigned to a particular keypad during the setup of the questions. All the data can be collected after the event, to provide in greater detail how many people were using the devices, how many people voted, what they voted etc.

If you’d like Storm to help your audience connect with your presentations, contact us about our audience response systems.