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AV Equipment Hire


Storm hold a large and up to date range of equipment covering the full array of event production disciplines. Our stock comes from the leading manufacturers such as D&B, Litec, Yamaha, Sony and Panasonic. All equipment is flight-cased and maintained to the highest standards.

Equipment Hire:

Audio Hire and Rental Equipment£ Day£ Week
Yamaha - QL5 Digital Mixing desk£175.00£525.00
Yamaha - QL1 Digital Mixing desk£110.00£330.00
Yamaha - TF1 Digital Mixing desk£75.00£225.00
Yamaha - Smaller analogue mixing desk£25.00£75.00
Yamaha RIO 3216 Dante Interface£90.00£270.00
Yamaha RIO 1608 Dante Interface£50.00£150.00
Yamaha RIN 8 in Dante Interface£30.00£90.00
Yamaha RO 8 out Dante Interface£30.00£90.00
Midas Pro 1 Digital Mixing Desk£175.00£525.00
Midas DL251 Digital Stage-box for pro series£90.00£270.00
D&B Y12 - Line Array Speaker cabinet£45.00£135.00
D&B Y8 - Line Array Speaker cabinet£45.00£135.00
D&B Y7p - Point Source Speaker cabinet£40.00£120.00
D&B Ysub - Line Array Speaker cabinet£40.00£120.00
D&B T10 – Line Array/Point Source Speaker cabinet£35.00£105.00
D&B Tsub – Sub Bass unit£30.00£90.00
D&B E5 – Compact loudspeaker£15.00£45.00
D&B E6 – Compact loudspeaker£20.00£60.00
D&B E8 – Compact loudspeaker£25.00£75.00
D&B Max 12 – Wedge monitor£20.00£60.00
D&B D6 Amplified controller£30.00£90.00
D&B D20 Amplified controller£75.00£225.00
D&B D80 Amplified controller£90.00£270.00
K&M Speaker Stand£4.00£12.00
K&M Wind-up speaker stand£10.00£30.00
K&M M20 Wind-up speaker pole£10.00£30.00
K&M Round-base mic stand£3.00£9.00
K&M Standard boom mic stand£3.00£9.00
K&M Short boom mic stand£3.00£9.00
Sonifex HY03 TBU system£35.00£105.00
Glensound 3g TBU system c/w 1hour sim card – GS MP1004£55.00£165.00
MOTU 828 Firewire soundcard£30.00£90.00
Marantz Solid state recorder£40.00£120.00
Sennheiser EM300 G3 8-way complete system (beltpack or handheld)£320.00£960.00
Sennheiser EM300 G3 6-way complete system (beltpack or handheld)£240.00£720.00
Sennheiser EM300 G3 4-way complete system (beltpack or handheld)£160.00£480.00
Sennheiser EM300 G3 2-way complete system (beltpack or handheld)£80.00£240.00
Sennheiser EM300 G 1-way complete system (beltpack or handheld)£40.00£120.00
Sennheiser EM300 G3 IEM in ear monitor system£40.00£120.00
Audio Technical AT871 plate microphone£15.00£45.00
DPA 4066 D-vote microphone kit£15.00£45.00
DPA 4099 D-vote microphone kit£15.00£45.00
Neuman KMS105 microphone£15.00£45.00
Shure MX412 Gooseneck kit (4-way)£60.00£180.00
Shure SM58 microphone£6.00£18.00
Shure SM57 microphone£4.00£12.00
Shure Beta 52 microphone£4.00£12.00
Shure Beta 57 microphone£7.00£21.00
Shure Beta 58 microphone£7.00£21.00
Shure Beta 91 microhpone£7.00£21.00
SE Electronics SE4 Condenser microphone£9.00£27.00
Sennheiser ME66 shotgun microphone c/w softie£20.00£60.00
Sennheiser E904 Dynamic instrument mic£7.00£21.00
Radial DI Box£6.00£18.00
Radial J-DI Box£8.00£24.00
Radial Stereo DI box£10.00£30.00
ASL 4 way Comms kit£30.00£90.00
ASL 6 way Comms kit£45.00£135.00
ASL 8 Way Comms kit£60.00£180.00
Motorola 6-way GP340 kit£60.00£180.00
AV & Projection Hire and Rental Equipment
Samsung 32inch LED Display - LFD - DM32D£50.00£150.00
Samsung 40inch LED Display - LFD - DM40D£100.00£300.00
Samsung 48inch LED Display - LFD - DM48D£150.00£450.00
Samsung 55inch LED Display - LFD - DM55D£200.00£600.00
Samsung 65inch LED Display - LFD - DM65D£250.00£750.00
Samsung 75inch LED Display - LFD - DM75D£400.00 £1,200.00
Unicol VS1000 Stand£10.00£30.00
Unicol Parabella Stand£30.00£90.00
Unicol Equipment Shelf£5.00£15.00
Christie LX1200 - 12000 lumen XGA Projector£700.00 £2,100.00
Christie lens options for above£50.00£150.00
Panasonic PT-DZ870 8000 lumen WUXGA Projector£700.00 £2,100.00
Panasonic PT-EZ770 7000 lumen WUXGA Projector£500.00 £1,500.00
Panasonic PT-D5000 5000 lumen XGA projector£300.00£900.00
Panasonic lens options for above£50.00£150.00
Panasonic 3000 lumen desktop projector£75.00£225.00
Analog Way - Quick-VU HD seamless graphics switcher£180.00£540.00
Analog Way - Pulse-2 HD seamless graphics switcher£240.00£720.00
Analog Way - Saphyr HD seamless graphics switcher£300.00£900.00
Kramer VP729 scaler/switcher£60.00£180.00
Roland VR50HD - HD seamless AV mixer£200.00£600.00
Kramer - VM4-HDCPXL£200.00£600.00
Lightware DVI TPS - RX95£20.00£60.00
Lightware DVI TPS - TX95£20.00£60.00
Laptop - Dual Dell Lattitude c/w office 2013£150.00£450.00
Laptop - HP Elitebook c/w office 2013£65.00£195.00
Apple Macbook Pro i5 SSD£75.00£225.00
HHB Universal disc player£25.00£75.00
Hive I2 – Micro Cue System£15.00£45.00
Hire I2 – Countdown Timer Basestation£25.00£75.00
Hive I2 - Countdown Timer Display - Standard£15.00£45.00
Hive I2 - Countdown Timer Display - Large£25.00£75.00
Hire I2 – Worklight£10.00£30.00
Hive I2 – Traffic Light System£15.00£45.00
12 x 9 Fastfold screen kit£50.00£150.00
10 x 7 Fastfold screen kit£40.00£120.00
8 x 6 Fastfold screen kit£30.00£90.00
6 x 4 Fastfold screen kit£20.00£60.00
Tandberg MXP6000 VC Video conference codec£210.00£630.00
Cisco C40 VC Video conference codec - HD£360.00 £1,080.00
Filming, Video & Broadcast Hire and Rental Equipment
Sony PMW400 Xdcam Broadcast camera£250.00£750.00
Sony PMW300 Xdcam Broadcast camera£175.00£525.00
Canon lens options for above£80.00£240.00
Panasonic AF101 Sdof kit£150.00£450.00
JVC GY-HM750 HD kit£125.00£375.00
Datavideo dual PTZ remote head camera kit£250.00£750.00
Camera and location audio recording kit£60.00£180.00
Vinten Vision 10AS tripod£35.00£105.00
Vinten Vision 8AS tripod£35.00£105.00
Manfrotto 504 HDV tripod£20.00£60.00
Blackmagic Design – ATEM 1 Production switcher£90.00£270.00
Blackmagic Design – ATEM Television studio£60.00£180.00
Blackmagic Design – ATEM remote control surface£120.00£360.00
Blackmagic Design – Ultrastudio 4K£45.00£135.00
Blackmagic Design – Hyperdeck c/w 2 x 128GB SSD£45.00£135.00
Blackmagic Design – Smartview Duo£40.00£120.00
Blackmagic Design – Smartview HD£50.00£150.00
Blackmagic Design – Macbook c/w encoding software£125.00£375.00
Grass-valley indigo vision mixer c/w SDI & CV inputs£150.00£450.00
HP Onsite Encoding kit c/w AVDV100 interface£90.00£270.00
JVC 24inch broadcast reference TFT – Full HD-SDI/DVI£45.00£135.00
Arri 1200w HMI Fresnel c/w ballast£75.00£225.00
Arri 650w Fresnel£15.00£45.00
Arri 300w Fresnel£10.00£30.00
4-head dedolight kit£75.00£225.00
Gekko LED Softlight£75.00£225.00
Stage Lighting Hire and Rental Equipment
ETC Source-4 Profile – 750w – 50 degree£15.00£45.00
ETC Source-4 Profile – 750w – 26 degree£15.00£45.00
ETC Source-4 Profile – 750w – 19 degree£15.00£45.00
ETC Source-4 Profile – 750w – 15 to 30 degree zoom£20.00£60.00
ETC Source-4 Parnel – 750w – 15 to 30 degree zoom£15.00£45.00
ETC Source-4 Fresnel – 750w£12.00£36.00
ETC Source-4 Junior Zoom – 575w£12.00£36.00
Chauvet Ovation 95w LED Fresnel£35.00£105.00
Chroma-Q DB4 mk11 LED fixture£18.00£54.00
Chroma-Q DB4 30way PSU£60.00£180.00
Chroma-Q DB4 5way PSU£10.00£30.00
Chauvet Colourdash Hex-8 Batten£30.00£90.00
Chauvet Colourdash Hex-7 Par£20.00£60.00
Chauvet Colourdash Quad-7 Par£20.00£60.00
Chauvet Colorado Quad zoom tour 2 - IP£45.00£135.00
Chauvet Epix 2.0 Strip£15.00£45.00
Chauvet Epix 2.0 Bar£30.00£90.00
Chauvet Epix 2.0 Drive£40.00£120.00
Chauvet Legend 412 RGBW£45.00£135.00
Chauvet Legend 412 VW£45.00£135.00
Chauvet Legend 230 SR£75.00£225.00
Chauvet Q-Spot 460£55.00£165.00
Chauvet Q-Wash 419z£65.00£195.00
Chauvet WELL-2 6-way wireless LED kit£180.00£540.00
Chauvet WELL-Flex 6-way wireless LED kit£210.00£630.00
Chauvet Sparklite 6m x 4m RGB LED Starcloth£90.00£270.00
Zero 88 – 6ch Dimmer-rack£20.00£60.00
Zero 88 – 12ch Dimmer-rack£50.00£150.00
Avolites Powercube - Dimmer, mains distro£110.00£330.00
Chamsys Magic-Q PCwing control system£75.00£225.00
Chamsys Magic-Q MQ40 control system£190.00£570.00
Chamsys Magic-Q MQ100 Pro 2014 control system£250.00£750.00
Chamsys Snakesys S6 DMX/Ethernet interface£20.00£60.00
Prolyte H40R Truss - per meter£15.00£45.00
Prolyte H30V Truss - per meter£12.50£37.50
Prolyte H30D Truss - per meter£10.00£30.00
VMB TE071 Super-lift stands (5.35m, 225kg)£50.00£150.00
VMB TE076 Super-lift stands (6.35m, 225kg)£75.00£225.00
VMB TE086 Super-lift stands (6.35m, 300kg)£100.00£300.00
Manfrotto Wind-Up stands£20.00£60.00
Manfrotto Push-Up stands£10.00£30.00
250Kgs Chain hoist – 12m drop£20.00£60.00
500Kgs Chain hoist – 12m drop£30.00£90.00
Zargees – 12 Rung Skymaster£24.00£72.00
Zargees – 10 Rung Skymaster£20.00£60.00
Zargees – 09 Rung Skymaster£18.00£54.00
Zargees – 08 Rung Skymaster£16.00£48.00
Zargees – 07 Rung Skymaster£14.00£42.00
Zargees – 06 Rung Skymaster£12.00£36.00
Rubber box distro – large£30.00£90.00
Rubber box distro – medium£20.00£60.00
Rubber box distro – small£10.00£30.00
Set & Staging Hire and Rental Equipment
Chauvet Sparklite 6m x 4m RGB LED Starcloth£90.00£270.00
Revostage 2m x 1m deck£25.00£75.00
Revostage 1m x 1m deck£15.00£45.00
Revostage 2m x 1m riser – 200mm£10.00£30.00
Revostage 2m x 1m riser – 300mm£10.00£30.00
Revostage 2m x 1m riser – 600mm£10.00£30.00
Revostage 1m x 1m riser – 300mm£10.00£30.00
Litedeck – 8ft x 4ft section£25.00£75.00
Litedeck – 8ft x 2ft section£20.00£60.00
Litedeck – 6ft x 4ft section£20.00£60.00
Litedeck – 6ft x 2ft section£15.00£60.00
Litedeck – 4ft x 4ft section£15.00£45.00
Litedeck – 4ft x 2ft section£10.00£30.00
Litedeck - 2ft quadrant (curve)£30.00£30.00
Litedeck – 4ft quadrant (curve)£30.00£90.00
Litedeck – 6ft quadrant (curve)£40.00£120.00
Curved Trilite Lectern£45.00£75.00
Perspex Lectern£90.00£210.00
2100mm x 1000mm set panel£17.50£52.50
2400mm x 1000mm set panel£20.00£60.00
2700mm x 1000mm set panel£22.50£67.50
3000mm x 1000mm set panel£25.00£75.00
3300mm x 1000mm set panel£27.50£82.50
3600mm x 1000mm set panel£30.00£90.00
3900mm x 1000mm set panel£32.50£97.50
2400mm x 300mm set panel£12.50£37.50
2700mm x 300mm set panel£15.00£45.00
3000mm x 300mm set panel£17.50£52.50
3300mm x 300mm set panel£20.00£60.00
3600mm x 300mm set panel£22.50£67.50
3900mm x 300mm set panel£25.00£75.00
4200mm x 300mm set panel£27.50£82.50
2200 x 1100 Control Surround – black£20.00£60.00
1100 x 1100 control Surround – black£10.00£30.00
Stage weight£2.00£6.00
Audience Response Hire and Rental Equipment
IML Click audience response HandsetPOAPOA
IML Click Laptop with control software and donglePOAPOA
Question ProgrammingPOAPOA

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