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Audience Response


The Storm Audience Response system runs within Microsoft PowerPoint and up to 500 voters use a hand-held numeric keypad to select an option when the vote is open. User information can also be logged against the handset to track the voters’ answers. Once all live data is gathered, the technology can present the captured data in informative and meaningful charts, graphs and illustrations. Whilst this remote and therefore anonymous voting can be advantageous in some settings, the technology also extends to allow data to be captured from registered user handsets so that you can see exactly how an individual responded to certain questions.

Applications of Audience Response:

  • Surveys
  • Data collection
  • Voting
  • Quizzes
  • Market Research
  • Training & education
  • Anonymous polling
  • Gauging understanding during a presentation

Advantages of the Technology:

  • Display live results
  • Multi-answer, ranking questions and polls
  • Show data in a range of styles
  • Compare results
  • Quiz scoring and scoreboards
  • User registration and tracking
  • Create reports from findings
  • Increased interactivity with audience

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